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A Night of Wellness

Christina Merlino, CN will be at our studio in Winthrop, MA on Friday April 8 at 7pm to talk to us about nutrition facts and fiction and will share with us some of the common misconceptions that currently exist regarding health foods.

Christina's intuition, combined with extensive knowledge and resources, make her a fountain of health information and a gifted nutritionist.
For over 10 years, Christina has been attending several seminars per year in the field of clinical nutrition and is able to put this knowledge to use by helping her clients guide themselves back into balance. Any body that is suffering from chronic problems, weight gain, acute problems, or is afflicted with disease is simply a body out of balance. Christina will talk a bit about how the body falls out of balance and what it takes to bring it back. She will also share with us some information regarding a 21-day cleanse that not only "cleans up" the body, but is a great way to start incorporating a new and more healthful diet.

I know we all have extremely busy and active lives; most times we don't have the luxury to sit down to a balanced meal. Speaking for myself, now being "a middle aged woman", my energy level definitely started to change. I know how to eat and what I want to eat, but being on the go so often makes it challenging. Christina is someone that "walks the walk" and when she talks about food and health her passion is deep. I would love to share this wonderful opportunity with all of you. Come gather, gab and enjoy some yummy healthful food and beverages. Feel free to contact me with any questions! I hope to see you all there.

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