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Chris Quimby

Chris Quimby brings his expertise in many fields of training to the operation at Custom Core Symmetry. Chris uses a combination of a caveman training, corrective exercise, Olympic lifting, metabolic/ strength training and crossfitt style training to come up with a cutting edge program that allows you achieve your ideal body type - and makes you move and feel like it.

"Most personal trainers and workout programs focus on one or two aspects of a clients - leaving work that needs to be done and maintained in and out of the gym. My methods have been carefully thought-out and planned to help you achieve everything you want to do every time you set foot in the gym, while taking far less time.” 

In his workouts he uses tools such as kettle bells, suspension trainers, dumbbells, Olympic bar, sandbags, body weight and resistant bands to train clients, while challenging every inch of their body in a way that’s specific to the individual’s needs.