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This Month's Featured Client Testimonial 

Each month we feature Custom Core Symmetry's stellar client testimonials.
This month we hear from Dominic B, a minister: 
If there is any such thing as a "Fountain of Youth" it would have to be the personal training received from Tammy Deeb.

By the time I hit 48, I had a double complete hip and joint replacement. Prior to my surgery, I was walking with two canes. I thought that after the surgeries I would be able to perform better, this was true to a point, because as the doctor told me, I still has osteo-arthritis so the replacements would help to a point. Because of the arthritis my hips would only regain so much movement and no more. I was feeling my age and I thought this was it ... I might as well act "mature" if you could call it that.

Then I met Tammy. I signed up at a gym for the first time in my life, and needed a trainer. I signed on with Tammy who immediately looked at what my situation was and began to put together a program for my lifestyle. She contacted my doctor to see what the requirements and/ or limitations would be for me and we went from there. Slowly I started to regain movement and strength in my legs, which seemed also to give me more confidence. Tammy started to put together "Workout Routines", which would allow me to workout on my off days in the gym. Along with the movment and strength I started to lose weight, a big side effect to working out. In one year's time, I lost over 70 pounds and went down six sizes.

"Then more and more I started to get used to the more twists Tammy added so that "plateauing" wouldn't happen. When summer came we added "Power Walking" to the routines, utilizing the Deer Island Scenic Walkways. Tammy figured if I wasn't able to run at least I could power walk, and I thought the same. She incorporated more "cardio routines' and regularly reviewed old routines to make sure I was still in form. Tammy never understood the words "no" or "can't". If I thought I couldn't do something, Tammy wouldn't accept it, she wanted to know why, and worked out what I must do in order to achieve it. "Can't" and "no" are definitely not part of Tammy's vocabulary.

It is now a year and a half later. In this time I have lost weight, sizes, bad eating habits, canes, and a poor outlook on my life, and I have gained much. I have gained strength, endurance, confidence, pride in myself, energy and a postiive outlook for the rest of my life. I truly do not feel I am pushing 50. Yes, if there was a Fountain of Youth, it would have to be Tammy Deeb.

~ Dominic B.

Here are excerpts from what other clients have to say.

Come back and read their full testimonials as they are featured in the coming months.

"Tammy has helped me to turn my life into a healthy lifestyle."
~Randi M

"It was a surprise to find that my recent bone density test showed an improvement in the spine rather than further deterioration. Life is good!"
~Marily M
Age 80

"I had a consultation with Tammy and never looked back."
~ Kathy D
Healthcare Administrator

"It's never going to get boring because ... she's truly engaged in every session you have with her"
~ Chris C

"Understanding my personal fitness goals, Tammy created a comprehensive and realistic fitness and weight loss program that fit into my lifestyle. Our routines are constantly evolving according to my personal progress and the short-term goals we set. The results I gained with Tammy have surpassed my highest expectations."
~Lisa D
Cermic Tile & Marble Business Owner

"Tammy has a unique gift. It is as if she sees right through your skin, to your musculoskeletal system, to access your body's very specific needs. She honors what she sees and develops a plan that works. To me, she is a natural healer."
~ Debra Curtin
President, New England Primate Sanctuary