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Suzanne Dufresne

Power Yoga is a heated, challenging and invigorating form of Yoga. Beginning with sun salutations and leading into a sequence of postures that flow into one another through breath, building strength and flexibility, unwinding tight joints and loosening muscles. A complete mind and body workout that develops concentration and reduces stress while toning your entire body. The room is heated. Participants should have some yoga experience or be in good aerobic condition for Power classes.  
For more information about the benefits of yoga for athletes, read the Yoga Journal article, Yoga for Runners
About Suzanne:
I have been practicing yoga for over nine years, and received my two hundred hour certification from Prana Power Yoga Studio in November 2007.
By attending various workshops and yoga classes, I make an effort to continually learn and discover the many layers and benefits of practicing yoga both on and off the mat. 
After a few years of practice, I began to see that yoga was giving me much more than a physical workout, it was changing the way I see myself and the world around me. I started to change internally, and through meditation and a daily yoga practice, I discovered my true self.
I try to live my yoga and bring what I learn on the mat into my daily life. My greatest joy in teaching yoga is helping my students find their inner strength, and witnessing their transformation. I love sharing with others what my yoga practice has given me. 
For more information about Suzanne, check out her Hot Yoga Flow website.
I am a fully insured, certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master